.Wednesday, November 5, 2008.

Hong Kong Spree 2
Total: 27 items
Sent out order to supplier on 17 Nov 08
Sent out payment on 19 Nov 08
Items arrived on 26 Nov 08

Thank you for your support. The next Hong Kong Spree will start in early Jan 09.

J-1414 Price: S$30.00
Japan Style 2Pairs-Buttons Bell Windbreaker
Available colour: Black & Beidge
Fabric: Quality Cotton (w/ Interlining)
M: Length 100cm, Bust 100cm
L: Length 106cm, Bust 106cm

D -1212 Price: S$17.00
Korea Style Natural Fairy Cotton Pocket Dress
Fabric: Cotton
Bust 100 cm, Shoulder 40cm, Length 80cm, Sleeves 34cm

J-1415 Price: S$25.00
Buttons Round-Neck Herringbone Cotton Jacket
Available colour: Black & Red
Fabric: Herringbone (w/o Interlining )
Bust 98cm, Shoulder 39cm, Sleeves 45cm, Length 54cm

T-1119 Price: S$22.00
Healthy Baby Plain Color Velvet Sport Suit
Available colour: Black, Red, Grey & Pink
Fabric: Velvet
Jacket: Length 56cm, Bust 106cm, Sleeves 60cm
Pant: Length 103cm, Hip 96cm, Waist 60-82cm

B-1509 Price: S$18.00
Baby Doll Shrinking Back Ballon Blouse
Availabe in Grey only
Fabric: Cotton & Laces
Length: 65cm, Bust: 80cm, Shoulder: 36cm

B-1510 Price: S$20.00
Elastic Chest Multi-Match Straps Halter
Available in pink only (2-way wear)
Fabric: Cotton
Length: 52cm, Bust: 66cm, w/out inner T

B-1511 Price: S$18.00
Natural Fairy Lady Causal Long Blouse (w/o belt)
Available Colour: Black, Blue, Coffee & White
Fabric: Cotton
Length: 72cm, Sleeves: 28cm, Bust: 92cm, Shoulder: 39cm

B-1512 Price: S$20.00
Loose Shining Neck 2-in-1 Blouse
Availabe in Black only
Fabric: Cotton (70%) + Polyester (30%)
Length: 64cm, Sleeves: 32cm, Bust: 106cm, Shoulder: 42cm

B-1513 Price: S$20.00
Noble Sleeves Chest Pleated Long Blouse
Available in Green only
Fabric: Cotton
Length: 70cm, Bust: 86 - 90cm, Sleeves: 33cm, Shoulder: 40cm

B-1514 Price: S$18.00
Bohemia Beauty Native Embos Cotton Blouse
Length: 65cm, Bust: 96cm, Sleeves: 30cm, Shoulder: 36cm

B-1515 Price: S$16.00
Sexy Wide Shoulder Stone-Gems Blouse
Available colour: Black, Blue & White
Fabric: Cotton
Length: 57cm, Bust: 80 - 110cm

B-1516 Price: S$17.00
Miami Style Chiffon + Loosing Straps Blouse
Available in white only
Length: 73cm, Bust: 106cm, Shoulder: 41cm, Sleeves: 42cm

B-1517 Price: S$20.00
Cow Girl Natural Cotton Shirt
Available Colour: Black & Grey
Fabric: Blended Cotton
Length 68cm, Sleeves 58, Bust 98cm w/ a stole


5:37 AM

.Sunday, November 2, 2008.

Hong Kong Spree 1
Total: 27 items
Sent out order to supplier on 17 Nov 08
Sent out payment on 19 Nov 08
Items arrived on 26 Nov 08

Thank you for your support. The next Hong Kong Spree will start in early Jan 09.

T-1111 Price: S$15.00
Simple Mode U-Neck Cotton Blouse
Length: 58cm, Shoulder: 42cm, Bust: 100cm, Sleeves: 46cm
Available colour: Red, Yellow & White

T-1112 Price: S$22.00
Classic Look Cotton Checks Shirt
Length: 66cm, Sleeves: 54cm, Bust: 96cm, Shoulder: 36cm
Available colour: Black, Pink & Blue

T-1113 Price: S$18.00
Cotton Knitted Elastic V-Neck Pullover (w/belt)
Length: 72cm, Sleeves: 58cm, Bust: 72 - 92cm, Shoulder: 37cm
Available colour: Black & Grey

T-1114 Price: S$16.00
Casual Knitted 2-in-1 Cotton Blouse
Inner - Length: 57cm, Bust: 90cm, Shoulder: 41cm, Sleeves: 56cm
Outer - Length: 47cm, Bust: 90cm, Shoulder: 41cm, Sleeves: 46cm
Available colour: Black, Grey & Purple

T-1115 Price: S$17.00
Simple Wide Shoulder 2-in-1 Blouse
Fabric: Knitted Cotton
Length: 73cm, Bust: 80 - 100cm, Sleeves: 40cm, Shoulder: 40cm
Available colour: Orange only

T-1116: Price: S$15.00
Basic Cotton Elastic-Wide Neck Blouse
Fabric: Elastic Cotton
Length: 59cm, Sleeves: 59cm, Bust: 76 - 100cm, Shoulder: 25cm

T-1117 Price: S$15.00
One Shoulder Drop Big Heart Casual Tee
Fabric: Cotton
Length: 62cm, Bust: 92cm, Shoulder: 40cm, Sleeves: 18cm
Asymmetric, with sewn strap, stitched heart
Available colour: Black only

S-1301 Price: S$25.00
Pocket Midiskirt
Length 58cm, Waist 72cm (2 ways wear)
Available colour: Black & Army Green

T-1118 Price: S$16.00
Lazy Front-Tied Hooded Smock
Fabric: Cotton
Length: 80cm, Bust: 80 - 110cm, Shoulder: 41cm, Sleeves: 26cm
Available colour: Yellow only

J-1403 Price: S$18.00
Cotton L/S Hooded Jacket
Fabric: Cotton
Length: 63cm, Bust: 74 - 95cm, Shoulder: 38cm, Sleeves: 61cm
Available Colour: Pink, Purple & Black

J-1404 Price: S$24.00
Korea Style Casual Smart Copper Zippers Windbreaker
Fabric: Blended Cotton
Length: 63cm, Bust: 74 - 90cm, Shoulder: 38cm, Sleeves: 53cm
Available colour: Black & Beidge

J1405 Price: S$30.00
Japan Style Fur Collar Pullover Coat
Fabric: Cotton (70%) Polyester (30%) + Artifical Fur Collar
Length: 66cm, Bust: 92cm, Shoulder: 42cm, Sleeves: 58cm w/interlining
Available colour: Coffee Brown & Black

J-1406 Price: S$20.00
Little Stars Causal Hoodie
Fabric: Cotton (70%) + Polyester (30%)
Length: 72cm, Bust: 80 - 94cm, Shoulder: 38cm, Sleeves: 56cm
Available colour: Beidge

J-1407 Price: S$18.00
NY Style Stripes vs Stars Cotton Pullover
Length: 60cm, Bust: 94cm, Shoulder: 39cm

J-1408 Price: S$20.00
Sporty Beauty Double Stripes Bomber Jacket
Length: 54cm, Bust: 92cm, Shoulder: 40cm, Sleeves: 58cm
Available colour: Pink, Red & White

J-1409 Price: S$18.00
Stripes Pullover Zipper Dress / Smock
Length: 69cm, Bust: 80cm, Sleeves: 56cm
Available colour: Black only

J-1410 Price: S$25.00
Reversible Wear Lamb Cotton + Puma Prints Pullover
Fabric: Thick British Flannelet (2-way wear)
Length: 55cm, Bust: 92cm, Shoulder: 38cm, Sleeves: 52cm
Available colour: Black & Grey

J-1411 Price: S$28.00
Hippy Checks + Zippers Easy-Match Jacket
Fabric: Blended Cotton
Length: 68cm, Bust: 102cm, Sleeves: 30cm w/o interlining

J-1412 Price: S$30.00
Casual Smart Cotton Zipper Outercoat
Fabric: Blended Cotton
Length: 67cm, Bust: 94cm, Shoulder: 37cm, Sleeves: 61cm
Available colour: Green only

J-1413 Price: S$18.00
Natural & Warm Plush Wool Long Coat
Fabric: Plush Wool
Length: 71cm, Bust: 100cm, Shoulder: 37cm, Sleeves: 53cm
Available colour: Green only

P-1602 Price: S$20.00
Fabric: Linen + Cotton
Waist 70-82cm, Hip 114cm, Waist to bottom length 95cm
Elastic Waist
Available colour: Black & Army Green

P-1603 Price: S$18.00
Fabric: Shining Cotton
Bust 100cm, Length 75cm, Waist 80cm,
Hip 90cm Front Buttons, Elastic Chest
Available colour: Black only

D-1206 Price: S$18.00
Sexy Beauty Shoulder Hippy Dress
Fabric: Cotton
Length: 70cm, Bust: 80-100cm, Shoulder: 39cm, Sleeves: 22cm
Available colour: Black & White

D-1207 Price: S$38.00
Cute & Shiny Cocktail Bubble Dress (3-way wear)
Fabric: Shining Cotton
Length: 85cm (strap excludes), Bust: 70 - 94cm
Available colour: Black, White & Purple

D-1208 Price: S$28.00
Tight Sexy Cocktail Dress
Fabric: Nylon + Chiffon
Length: 118cm, Bust: 88cm
Available colour: Grey only

D-1209 Price: S$20.00
Sexy & Energetic Front Pocket Dress
Fabric: Cotton
Length: 79cm, Bust: 80 - 92cm, Shoulder: 41cm, Sleeves: 58cm
Available colour: Black only

D-1210 Price: S$25.00
Fabric: Stripe Lines Cotton
Length 80cm, Bust 98cm, Shoulder 38cm

D-1211 Price: S$20.00
Flowers + Stripes Prints Cute Chiffon Dress
Length: 70cm, Bust: 90cm



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